A morning commute on I-84 in Danbury can get wild, as was the case Wednesday when a bear, and what appears to be a hawk were hauling ass towards the New York line.

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The Ethan and Lou Show is tapped into the streets with eyes everywhere, our listeners are always on the lookout for the unusual. So, it came as no surprise when I got this  get this photo from Big Booty Judi Wednesday morning (10/27/21).

Judi is from New Milford and was en route to her early morning dice game when the truck passed her on 84, she was able to secure a photo and send it to us. I asked is this today? I was more surprised that the traffic was so light, she replied, "yes, on I-84."

Big Booty Judi
Big Booty Judi

I noticed it was not a New York or CT plate and asked if she caught what state the plate was from. She said: "I believe Alabama but the bear was too distracting lol." Later, she added: "You have sent me down a black hole….. I have been googling f------ license plates since you asked that…… and I’m stumped."

We may never know what state the bear came from or where it was headed. You may have to wonder if they hit congestion around the New York border, probably. I'll bet they bear-ly made it in time.

We need one of these wooden bear statues. If you are a local artist who carves bears into wood, we need one for the I-95 studio, we will make it worth your while somehow. Don't forget, bearing is caring.

Thanks Judi! Keep the pictures coming.

P.S. Is that bear smoking a cigarette?

You can send Ethan and Lou photos, videos and texts just like Big Booty Judi did. Just download the I-95 Rock Mobile app for free at Google Play or the App Store and hit the chat or photo submission button. Who knows? Your name and photo could be featured in a future article.

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