Hey outdoor enthusiasts, Connecticut's newest Greenway's will debut next week in my hometown. The ribbon-cutting ceremony ceremony has been set, and now you too can see just how wonderful it is to live in Torrington.

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The dirt has been flying, and the earth has been moving in the South end of Torrington throughout the Summer of '23. Every day for the past few months, the low din of heavy construction equipment and slow moving diesel engines has filled the air and dusted my vehicle in my neighborhood. New sidewalks and repaved roads are a good thing, and even better than that is a new Greenway.

According to the Mayor of Torrington Elinor Carbone, a new section of the Naugatuck River Greenway is ready for your feet. We are all invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Greenway at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday September 20 at 3PM. The ceremony will take place at the John Toro Sports Complex (Davis Passway off Perkins Street). Following the ceremony, Mayor Carbone has invited the public to enjoy a nice stroll along the Greenway along up to the Scoville Street portion.

I've had a somewhat complicated relationship with the Naugatuck River. In the 1970's-80's, it was so polluted that it stunk up most of our neighborhood in Waterbury. Remember driving through Naugatuck back then? Now I love right on it, and there have been thousands of strong men and women volunteers over the past couple of decades tirelessly working to get it cleaned up. I drove past Waterbury's new Greenway by the old Howard Johnson's on S. Main Street a few weeks ago, and I was so impressed. I've wondered what all of those crews have been working towards behind my place, congratulations, thank you for your hard work.

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