Let your kids know that most middle and high schools will take aggressive or threatening comments very seriously.

From wfsb.com., comes a report that a Torrington Middle School student was arrested by Torrington Police after the 13-year-old made threatening comments that were overheard by other students.

At this time police are still investigating the validity and intent of those threats. Police can't stress enough that if a child makes a threat towards other students or teachers and someone reports them, they could be in very serious trouble. Police told wfsb.com., there is no current threat to the school or students. The student who was arrested was charged with 'breach of peace.' This is a different world we live in.

Just ask the students at Columbine High School in April of '99 (15 dead and 21 injured), Virginia Tech in April of '07 (33 dead and 21 injured), Northern Illinois University in Feb. of '08 (6 dead and 21 injured), Sandy Hook, CT (28 dead and 2 injured), Marysville Pilchuck High (5 dead and 1 injured), Umpquag Community College in Oregon in October 2015 (10 dead and 9 injured and February 2018 at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High. (17 dead and 17 wounded)   

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