If your goal after college graduation is to make scads of cash, my research could help you out.

Kiplinger.com is a business and personal finance website where I found an excellent article about which college majors might be able to secure your financial future and which majors could do the exact opposite. I was surprised to find my college major made one of the two lists.The two colleges or universities listed after each major are the top schools in Connecticut for that course of study.

Top 5 College Majors to Secure Your Financial Future

Nursing - Average Salary - RN's($67,418) - Nurse Practitioners($98,288) - The top two universities in Connecticut for a Nursing major according to Niche.com are the University of Connecticut and Fairfield University. 

Biomedical Engineering - Average Salary($80,000) - Two top schools for Engineering in Connecticut are: Yale University and the University of Connecticut.

Civil Engineering - Average Salary($98,500) - the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford

Mechanical Engineering - Average Salary($106,800)University of Connecticut and Yale University.

Computer Science - Average Salary($110,100)Yale University and Wesleyan University

Top 5 Worst College Majors for Your Career

You will notice that most of these college majors lead to a career based on passion rather than how much money one can earn.

Photography - Average Salary($56,500) - University of Hartford and Tunxis Community College

Art - Average Salary($59,600) - the University of Hartford and University of Connecticut

Radio and Television - Average Salary($64,100) - the University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Ithaca College in 1973 and even though I'm not rolling in dough, I've always loved what I do.

Anthropology - Average Salary($63,200) - Yale University and the University of Connecticut

Graphic Design - Average Salary($61,700) - the University of Hartford and the University of Bridgeport

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