Tony Orlando is about to take the stage for the final time in his illustrious career.

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Orlando will do his last show at Mohegan Sun Arena on March 22nd, 2024. Ahead of this historic gig, Orlando joined us on the Tuesday (02/12/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and looked back on a lifetime of performances. Before the interview even got off the ground, the performer shared a piece of Tony Orlando trivia, telling us Connecticut is where his career began.

Lou: He's about to take the stage for the final time in his career, right here in Connecticut, it's Tony Orlando. Hey Tony..

Tony: "Hi, how are you doing? By the way I love the State of Connecticut, I started in Hartford at the Bushnell Memorial Auditorium that was 1961. I don't know if you're old enough to remember this it was a show called "Beat the Clock." You have to be old to remember it, I was 16 and they were hosting, believe it or not a benefit for a leper colony in Burma. I know it sound insane but everybody on that show was a superstar. In fact, if you go back to old show business, the big star on that show at Bushnell was Ethel Merman. It was her, Tony Randall and Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence and all these people. I was only 16 years old coming out to a, I think it was a 35-piece orchestra. In that pit, I was doing my first record with Carole King called "Halfway to Paradise" and I walked out and I looked to my right and there are all these super, gigantic stars giving me the OK sign to help me through because I was such a nervous wreck" 


Getty Images[/caption]Lou: Over 60 years, you've nurtured this legacy, this has been your life. What are your feelings as your final performance comes closer? 

Tony: "Everyday is Saturday. After you retire everyday becomes Saturday. You know I'll tell you it's bittersweet actually. There is a part of me, it's going to sound kind of terrible and depressing but it's almost like part of Tony Orlando passed away because I'm doing this since I'm 16 years old. It's almost like that kid that had this dream and walked this journey is going to be gone. The worst part of it is the faces that I've looked at over the years, 64 years. I look out and those faces, those wonderful people who had a smile on their face like your wife did at the Cabaret, that is the hole in the heart. That is what you walk away going oh man, those people were so good to me. How do I ever thank them at the end of this journey? This dream come true that started on a rooftop in Manhattan when I was only a kid? Yes, that is the bitter part, the sweet part of it is I don't have to sit at an airport and hear some guy behind the counter say SORRY FOLKS BUT WE'RE DELAYED FOR THREE HOURS!" 

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I was honored that Dave and I were able to talk with this entertainment legend. He was so kind and open about his entire career. The conversation was lengthy and we got to hear some amazing stories from his years in show business.

Listen to the entire interview by checking out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show Podcast on Apple & Spotify

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Here are some additional excerpts from our chat with Tony Orlando.

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Goofing around with Phyllis Diller

Writing songs with Carole King, Simon & Garfunkel and many more 

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