According to the CT Patch Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen have been shopping for a new home. Where you say? Here, here I say, in Connecticut. The report says the power couple was specifically shopping in Greenwich, CT (shocker). Sure, they also looked in New Jersey but we know where they will end up.

They currently live in the Tribeca area of Manhattan but want more room for their kids to play says the Boston Globe. If they move to Greenwich they can be neighbors with my bosses, also celebrities like Mel Gibson and Adam Sandler.

They will also be breathing the same air as me, in the state where I rest my head at night. I'm not sure I wanna share that air with Tom Brady. My relationship with the man has been complicated over the years I flip and flop between respect and admiration for a life well lived and hatred. I'm currently back in the hatred mode.

We don't really need anymore rich, stuck up, UGG wearing douche clowns in Connecticut. We are pretty much stocked to the rafters with golfers, IZOD shirts and men who can't park their own cars. You can stay in Tribeca butt hole.

By the way, how the hell has this Boston icon gotten away with living in the heart of Manhattan, cruising the streets in a Yankee hat for so many years? You would think by now SOMEONE from New York or Boston would have gotten fed up with it and rolled him.

P.S. - DEFINITION - "Rolled Him" - (street term) - Kicked his ass. To beat down in an extremely disrespectful manner. When one is "rolled" their shoes are often stolen off their feet whether they fit they assailant or not.



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