On October 11, 1967 the Doors left their mark on Danbury forever, and we've got the audio.

Just two months after performing "Light My Fire" on the Ed Sullivan show -- and being banned from the show for using the word "higher" in the song -- the Doors came to Danbury to do a concert in the high school auditorium.

Actually, the show was sponsored by Western Connecticut State University, but staged at DHS because the WSCU auditorium was undergoing renovations.

Legend has it that during the band's performance of "The End," Jim Morrison leaped into the crowd, and repeatedly slammed the microphone stand into the stage, creating dents that exist to this day.

The entire show is preserved in the video below. While the sound quality isn't the best, you can hear what's going on, and imagine the power coming off the stage that night.

Enjoy the stern warnings from the school administrator that serves as the show's emcee:

Here's the Danbury performance of "Light My Fire", isolated from the show:

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