I was strolling in my sisters backyard in Danbury and happened upon the two biggest mushrooms I've ever seen in my life.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Of course at first glance, I wasn't sure what they were, so naturally, I kicked it. You never touch anything in nature you are not sure of, you foot it. If it moves, you run for your life, if not, you can stay and examine further.

This discovery kicked off a conversation among all of the guests at the house about these mushrooms and someone (My wife Erica) said she believes my sister can sell these and make some money.

She claims there is a black market for football sized mushrooms in America. This made me curious so I googled it and she was right. Profitable Plant Digest (yes, that's a thing) posted an article about this on Jan 1 2020 that says:

Quite a few gourmet mushroom growers sell their freshly harvested mushrooms only to restaurant chefs in their area. There are two advantages in selling directly to chefs. First, they buy large quantities of mushrooms regularly, so it takes much less time to sell your entire harvest. Second, chefs are willing to pay retail prices for high-quality, fresh-picked oyster and shiitake mushrooms. Chefs know freshly harvested mushrooms taste better, and there is almost no waste or spoilage.

Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are the best gourmet mushrooms for part-time growers, with high prices and proven demand. There’s no huge time commitment, and there are several ways you can sell all you can grow. Before long, you could be making $25 a square foot growing gourmet mushrooms year-round indoors. To discover more, read Growing Gourmet Mushrooms For Profit.

Now, I don't know if these mutant, football sized mushrooms that I found are shiitake or oyster, but If they are, I've already offered to find a buyer for my sister. I will, of course, take a fee off the top for my hard work. Keep your eyes out for these monstrous mushrooms, folks, apparently Danbury has the soil to make them.

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