This article is aimed at the driver who cruises the left lane and refuses to move over.

It's an epidemic! Why do Connecticut drivers feel it's their God-given right to drive in the passing lane instead of the right lane where they belong. The LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING! I've often wondered if those left lane drivers have some sort of phobia. Most states have laws in place that basically state,

If you're going slower than the flow of traffic, you do not belong in the left lane. Move over because it's the law.

The website, Psychology Today suggests that some left lane drivers might have what is called, 'Shame of the Slow Lane.' These drivers are willing to endure the anger, the tailgating, and the flashing of headlights. According to the Hartford Courant, driving in the left lane is wrong and it's dangerous. Moving to the cruising lane keeps the flow of traffic moving plus drivers have a larger blind spot on the right. Connecticut State Troopers need to do more of this.

According to, the state of Alabama has compiled scientific proof that driving in the passing lane not only affects other driver's mental state but also places driver safety at risk. So please, don't be an idiot, obey Connecticut's law that states, any car in the left lane that moves slower than the normal speed of traffic needs to move it on over.

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