Never park your car under a tree that's hosting a winter crow's roost.

It appears that thousands of crows enjoy vacationing in Connecticut, along with other New England areas, during the winter months and it makes for quite a scene. It's almost like a humongous avian slumber party and it's incredibly noisy.

In Connecticut, you'll find the largest winter roost in Hartford, but there are others throughout Connecticut like in the vicinity of the West River between New Haven and West Haven, according to an article in the Hartford Courant.

Why do thousands of crows enjoy getting together to party every winter? According to an article at, crow expert Bill Gilbert believes that crows enjoy gathering and  hootin' and hollering' together because it provides warmth, protection from predators, knowledge about food sources, and a chance to find a mate. 

The largest crow roost ever recorded was in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma in 1972 when 2 million crows showed up. Now that's an aggressive amount of crow guano and who knows what else!

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