It's suns out, buns out. It's skies out, thighs out. Dance out with your lance out, 'cause it's warm out there, kid.

Can you believe this weather? I looked deep into the fifteen day forecast for the Danbury area, and oh, man, does it look good!

We only get to below 32 degrees twice this winter, and both of those are overnight. The rest is like 40, 50 and even 60s for the highs. You gotta love it. How bout that Farmer's Almanac this year? Huh? Swing and a miss. It's going to be 65 on Friday. Time to do some push ups, and lube up with tanning oil, baby.

I do have to curb my excitement though. No matter what happens, I always know there is that one ginormous storm on the horizon. It will get us right at the end of winter and screw up any forward motion we have. For now though, be like this guy on the bench and offend the general public with your shirtless body. Get outside, kids.

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