I've seen this question posted on Reddit more than once and when it comes up, it usually has the State of CT attached to it. On Sunday (1/24/21), a user by the name "Spry145" posted this question on the r/Connecticut page.

What is this? from r/Connecticut

One Reddit user by the name "DeathByComcast" shared links from previous threads about the very same symbol and some had pictures of the glyph tagged in various places throughout the Nutmeg State.

There are not many Reddit conversation starters that get such an array of responses that could potentially be the correct answer. Typically, someone posts the correct answer and about fifty other people post the same correct answer as if they didn't see the first guy do it.

This topic got a ton of intriguing options, the following are reactions to the same symbol from different threads.

This Symbol is All Over Connecticut, What Does it Mean?

Whatever it means, it really is everywhere.

Veoh from r/Bombing


Does this symbol hold any meaning? Or is this just graffiti? from r/whatisthisthing

Hopefully, it is just some tag. Symbolism is powerful and I had to draw this thing on a piece of paper to make the featured image that lured you in here. If it's evil or something, I don't want any on me.

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