Isn't it strange to drive around Connecticut on a holiday? To drive past the Danbury Fair or Brass Mill Center Malls, the local Stop & Shop, and not see hundreds of vehicles? Most retailers and restaurants chose to give their employee the day off this year, which made the few that did choose to open up stand out even more on the barren retail/restaurant landscape.

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One of those places that chose to stay open, and serve the hungry masses on a National holiday was Sultan's Turkish Restaurant in Waterbury. Sultan's is located along I-84 Westbound at 586 Plank Road, and it's very visible from the highway. As we were traveling back on Thanksgiving night around 7PM, I noticed that Sultan's parking lot was packed to capacity. It was so nice to see there was a welcoming establishment that was open for business.

If you've never had Turkish cuisine, it's a bit Mediterranean, a bit Middle Eastern, and a bit Eastern Europe. Heavy on spices, and seasoned meats, oh the meats - Lamb, chicken, and beef, skewered on kebobs. Sultan's also has an incredible selection of seafood entrees, and veggie dishes that will make you swoon - Falafal, Babaganush, and fresh Humus.

That's what I love about eating in Waterbury, there is so much diversity when it comes to cuisine. Every neighborhood has a unique eatery - Greek, Latin American, Afgan, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Asian, Caribbean, and plenty of basic American fare and fast food places to boot.

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