There's nothing more satisfying than getting bundled up and trekking out into the woods in search of the perfect Christmas tree. But, unfortunately, back in the dark ages when I was a kid, there weren't any Xmas tree farms that handed you saw and told you where to go and then tied them to the roof of your car.

If you refuse to go out and purchase one of those fancy-ass artificial trees at Walmart in favor of the real thing, there are plenty of Christmas tree farms to choose from.

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Before you go, here are some words of wisdom. First, expect supplies to be minimal in 2021, so get your tree soon after Thanksgiving if possible. Many may be sold out by December 7th. My recommendation would be to call the farm before you drive over. Let's go find a Christmas tree!

** Angevine Farm - Warren CT

Angevine features fresh trees you can cut yourself plus pre-cut trees. They also feature Christmas wreaths, Christmas boughs, garlands, Santa visits, Christmas decorations, trees bagged, and saws are provided. The address is 40 Angevine Road, Warren, CT 06754. Phone: 860-868-7226 or 860-601-5906.

Angevine FB Page

** Averill Farm - Litchfield

Besides Xmas trees that you cut, they carry Christmas wreaths, saws to cut with, and free hot cider. Averill Farm is located at 250 Calhoun Street in Washington Depot. Call 860-868-2777.


Averill Farm's FB Page

** Bees, Fleas & Trees - Woodbury, CT

Located at 551 South Plains Road in Litchfield, they're open from early December on Thursday and Friday from 1 pm to 4:30

pm and on weekends from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Call 860-567-8544.

** Castle Hill Farm - Newtown

Besides trees, you can cut they also sell pre-cut trees. Castle Hill Farm also carries wreaths, garlands, Xmas decorations, and free hot cider. Their farm market is open, along with their picnic area, pony rides, and petting zoo. Castle Hill is located at 5  Hattertown Road, and you can reach them at 203-426-5487.

Castle Hill Farm's FB Page...

** Warrup's Farm - Redding

Besides trees that you can cut they also feature maple syrup from trees on the farm along with farm animals. They carry Colorado Blue Spruce and White Spruce trees. Reach out to Warrup's Farm at 203-938-9403 located at 11 John Read Road in Redding.

Warrup's Farm FB Page...

** Everett's Corner Tree FarmEaston

Saws are provided to cut down your favorite tree along with free baling, tree transport wagons, and free twine to secure your tree to your car. Christmas tree varieties include White Spruce, Blue Spruce, and White Pine. Everett's Corner Tree Farm is located at 136 Sherwood Road in Easton. Call 203-268-2508.

Everett's Corner Tree Farm FB Page...

** Sam's Tree Farm - Newtown

Located at 138 Huntington Road in Newtown, Sam's Tree Farm has been providing Xmas trees for Fairfield County families for 50 years. They provide saws, netting, and twine. This year, they're offering White Spruce and Blue Spruce trees.

Sam's Tree Farm's FB Page...

** Lappala Tree Farm - New Milford

The farm opens the day after Thanksgiving at 2 Upland Road in New Milford and will stay open until December 19. They are open on weekdays by appointment only and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until 4:30 pm. Call 203-297-1352 or 860-354-3540. Payment is by cash or checks credit cards.

Expect to pay between $50 and $70 for your Christmas tree this year. To take a look at almost every location in Connecticut where you can cut down your own tree, click on

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