There are Christmas lights and then, there are Christmas lights.

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Even if you're not a Pink Floyd fan, you cannot sit there and tell me, this Pink Floyd themed house isn't awesome.

I go out every year and take pictures of Christmas lights in the Greater Danbury area and we have some impressive local displays but no matter how intricate, they don't touch this. It's the simplicity that makes it work.

Whoever is responsible for this certainly did not work all that hard. They would not make it on the ABC reality show "The Great Christmas Light Fight" but I think they should. This is better than any overblown display. It's simple, clean and a very recognizable symbol, that is a winner for me. Now, I want to steal the idea and do a Christmas light display in the shape of the Rolling Stones lips.

For our younger readers, the symbol in the Instagram post, is a take off the Pink Floyd album cover for their 1973 record "Dark Side of the Moon."

The "Dark Side" triangle is so recognizable because everyone had this album. I had it and I was born in 1979, it's been a constant popular album in America and the U.K for decades. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, "Dark Side of the Moon" ended up spending a record 741 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 200 chart.

This symbol is something we all know, the colors are pretty, this is the best XMAS light display of all-time.

P.S. Hey kids, ask your dad about syncing this album with the movie Wizard of Oz or you can Google it, it's a lot of fun, especially when you're in the right head space.

P.S. 2 - The Great Christmas Light Fight is a great show.

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