Seething with anger, this guy lets everyone know how he feels about his town!

All Ted Pelkey has wanted to do for the last 10 years is to move his truck repair and recycling business to his own property in Waterford, Vermont but town officials won't grant him that all-important zoning permit.

An article in the CT Post reports that Pelkey has already forked over $3,000 to have the 7-foot-tall sculpture constructed by a chainsaw artist. To make sure everyone could view the jumbo middle finger, he placed it on a 16-foot pole complete with lights. Now that's some triple XL anger! Pelkey said,

Oh God! It's crazy! People are out there at 11 o'clock at night taking pictures with their Santa hats on. It's wonderful, I think.

Pelkey said that he's currently in the appeal process. Town officials say they understand when someone in a town like Mr. Pelkey is hoping for a thumbs-up on their permit application, they must know they need to follow the zoning regulations as dictated by the town, but 10 years? C'mon!

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