According to Wikipedia and the 2024 US News & World Report rankings, Middletown's Wesleyan University is tied for 11th overall among liberal arts colleges in the nation. On the contrary, has ranked Wesleyan as the #24th worst college or university in America. Who do you believe?

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Let's dive a bit deeper into's decision, shall we? According to them, "A steep tuition fee of nearly $55,000 a year might raise eyebrows, especially compared to the median salary of graduates. The campus life and academic opportunities might be appealing to some, but the financial investment should be weighed carefully."

That's a not-so compelling argument avocado, especially when you consider that most of Connecticut's elite prep schools have tuition fees that rocket North of $60,000. The most elite college in all of Connecticut, and dare I say all of da world? THE Yale University - costs $59,950 for undergrads. You should have dug a little deeper into Connecticut and picked up on Connecticut College in New London, Avo. Not only were they founded as Connecticut's only women's college(in response to Wesleyan closing it's doors to female students)in 1909, it would cost you $82,697 to go there this year.

Wesleyan was the only representative from Connecticut on's list of the 45 Worst College of Universities in America, but some nearby schools also made it. My wife's alma mater Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts came in at #21, and RIC - Rhode Island College in Providence landed on the list too.

I'm siding with US News & World Report, and Forbes, who ranked Wesleyan 42nd overall, and sixth among liberal arts college in all of the US.

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