When I think about all of the beautiful, expensive real estate along the East coast of the United States, I'd guess that it would be most expensive to buy a house in New York City, Boston, Miami, Newport? East Hampton? Greenwich? Nope. Close, and it is in Connecticut.

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According to thehill.com, the most expensive city in the United States to buy a house in, outside of California, is Stamford, Connecticut. Stamford has the 6th highest median home price at around $900,000. The five most expensive places above Stamford on the list are:

  • #5 - San Diego - $921,000
  • #4 - Ventura - $943,000
  • #3 - San Francisco - $978,000
  • #2 - Los Angeles - $998,000
  • #1 - San Jose - $1,390,000

A couple of our nearby megalopolis neighbors fall below No. 6 Stamford in the rest of thehill.com's list of the ten cities with the highest median home list prices:

  • #7 - Seattle - $782,997
  • #8 - Boston - $746,000
  • #9 - Honolulu - $721,667
  • #10 - New York City - $692,000

Median house prices across the US were at $329,000 in 2020, and recently rose to $428,000 in 2022, according to thehill.com. Stamford is now Connecticut's second most populous city, with a population of over 135,000, just behind Bridgeport's 148,000+ residents. Stamford is also home to the largest financial district outside of New York City in the New York City metropolitan area. Many Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Stamford, including the WWE, Charter Communications, Indeed.com, United Rentals, Conair, NBC Sports, Vineyard Vines, and Gartner.

With a direct stop on Metro North's New Haven line and an average 47 minute commute to Grand Central, Stamford has truly absorbed the pandemic exodus from Manhattan. I'll bet there are a lot of Stamford residents selling their crypto right now to make the mortgage payment.

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