I almost get into an accident regularly on my way in along Rt. 202 in New Preston lately. Why? Overly cautious drivers who nail their brakes when they see a police officer parked alongside the road.

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Mind you, the speed limit through most of 202 between New Milford and Torrington is 40-45-50 MPH. That is, until a State Trooper camps out on the side of the road, then the speed limit for the overly cautious driver is 35, or 30 MPH. Why do you do that? I have nothing but respect for law enforcement, if they're out there doing their job, doing detail or on their way to an emergency, I'll crawl through their workplace, or pull over immediately if I see lights or hear sirens. BUT, if an officer is trying to bag the speeders doing 10-20-30 MPH over the speed limit, which they are, and I'm not doing anything wrong, I just keep going. Nothing to see here.

I was in a line of about 5 vehicles behind an F150. We were all going along around 45MPH behind this truck, and we approached the area of 202 near The Smithy where the CT State Troopers camp out. Well, the F150 came around the curve, and seriously slammed on his brakes. The vehicle directly behind him went around to the left luckily, and the rest of us had time to safely slow down. I believe that the F150 guy was being tailgated, and waited for what he thought was the perfect opportunity to break some stones.

Everyone moans about how bad driving around Connecticut is, focusing on speeders, or inattentive drivers. Well, there's another side to that coin, and it's possible to be too cautious. You're a problem too.

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