New Haven had the first hamburger, Waterbury led the world in brass, Southeast Connecticut has it's casinos. What does Danbury have? The record for the hottest temperature ever in Connecticut.

Every heat warning that exists is being broadcast on every channel, alerting us as to how hot it will be statewide over the next few days. Are you worried? I'm not, it's been worse. I've lived through the hottest day ever recorded in Connecticut. You may have too, if you were in Danbury in 1995.

The older I get, the more I prefer Connecticut at 90-100 degrees. We typically experience all four seasons, yet each only lasts three months. When it's hot, traffic thins, clothes come off, and the drone of air conditioners fills the air. We're just easing into our first heat wave of 2024. My car's thermometer just read 91, and it's likely to stay that way for the next 5-7 days. Will it get record breaking hot? Maybe in some areas, but did not as hot as Danbury was nearly 29 years ago.

On July 15, 1995, Danbury reached 106, the hottest temperature ever recorded in the State of Connecticut. Technically, Danbury tied the previous high temp ever recorded in Connecticut, Torrington hit 106 on August 23, 1916. As this heatwave goes through, records may be broken by city or county, but the overall high temperature crown will still belong to Danbury. The second hottest temperature recorded in Connecticut? 103 in Hartford on August 9, 2001, according to

Listen to what Dixon, Furey and Hanrahan say, it is tough to breathe out there.

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