The coffee was on by 4 AM.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

It's time to roll, tonight is the Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special at the Ridgefield Playhouse. After ten years of working so hard on this show and working so hard the last few months on this special there is nothing left to do but make you laugh and smile tonight.

I'm particularly happy with the team we assembled to help on this project. Of course we have all of the great, hard working people here at I-95 chipping in as always. Outside of that we kept it all in the family on stage and behind the scenes.

The people who are making this show happen are literally our family and dear friends. We have the Doug Wahlberg Band feat. Rick Tedesco as our house band. These guys have supported the show since day one and been so kind to us.

We have Ethan's son and my buddy Matt as our stage manager. He will be right where he belongs, wearing a headset, holding a clipboard and telling people what to do. My little sister Katy is his assistant and she's theater nut so she's right where she belongs tonight.

RC Smith will do comedy to warm up the crowd. RC has been with us since the start and is a dear friend. JR Hedrick, another one of my closest friends on stage doing originals. Ethan's other son EJ, my buddy Ethan James will also be doing his amazing music.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is so good to the show the man is making his first major public appearance after serious brain surgery last week to be with us on stage. Large Dave from I-95 is our big voice guy, Sarah Rose has a SURPRISE role and my main man Joey Ech will be blocking your view at some point shooting the event for our website.

This is how I pictured this show in my mind for as long as it's been in there and that's quite awhile. I get to roll out onto a big stage tonight with my people. The people I trust and love so much will be right there with Ethan and I. Knowing my people the way I do this will be the best show you see all year. Get your tickets NOW, before they sell out for just 15 bucks.

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