Remember eating at a classic Pizza Hut restaurant? The table, the booth, and oh those red plastic cups. I just found an authentic retro Pizza Hut booth with all of those, and you can rent for the evening.

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New Haven is unquestionably the pizza Capital of Connecticut, if not all of the United States of America. If you're wondering if all of the hype surrounding Modern, Sally's Pepe's, and Bar's pies is warranted, you should book the Vice Presidente Suite on According to the host, Jason, this 'Connecticut Pizza Palace' is available for $98 a night. I love his attention to detail, have a look at what he's created.

There's a Retro Pizza Hut Inside This Amazing New Haven Air Bnb

New Haven is the Pizza Capital of the world, and if El Presidente comes back to town, I found the perfect place for him to sleep off the cheese coma - A very cool rental available on Air Bnb that features a classic Pizza Hut booth, complete with those big red plastic cups. Have a look at this place, it's available for under $100 a night.

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