Even though the clocks are going to fall back an hour right at the usual closing time for bars & restaurant liquor sales in Connecticut this weekend, it doesn't mean that you're going to get an extra hour of party time.

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An gimmick that we used to have fun with here at the radio station happened when we fell back an hour with daylight savings time. We'd sell it as "Hey, we have an extra 'Bonus' hour of music coming your way, it's 2AM all over again." The Commissioner of the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has just issued an advisory informing us that Connecticut is not allowing that imaginary extra hour to be used for alcohol consumption post-closing time.

According to ct.gov, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection's Division of Liquor Control wants to remind bar and restaurant owners around our state that although the clocks will fall back from 2AM to 1AM due to daylight savings time this Saturday into Sunday, your establishments may not remain open for that extra hour. As we fall back an hour, no more sales, consumption, or presence of alcoholic beverages is allowed in bars or restaurants according to Connecticut's liquor regulations.

Connecticut DCP Commissioner Bryan T. Cafferelli has a sense of humor about the situation -

"It might seem like a life hack to stay out an hour later this weekend, but trust us, there's no glitch in the multiverse. The time change is really just a sign to go home."

OK sir, I will go home, but is it ok if we can squeeze 'In-a-Gada-Da-Vida' and the live version of 'Whipping Post' into our extra hour here at the station?

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