I'm a big fan of the tv show 'Parks & Recreation', which ran for 7 seasons on NBC, and now it's on every day, at some point, on various channels in syndication. I have read that the show's creator, Michael Schur, has Connecticut roots, and I came across some very cool news. If you're a fan of the show like me, you can now enjoy a tangible piece of the show right here in Connecticut. According to an article from We-Ha.com, the 'Leslie Knope Promenade' was officially dedicated at a small, socially-distant celebration this past Saturday, September 12, 2020, in West Hartford's Fernridge Park.


The park is located on Fern Street in West Hartford, and Parks and Recreations co-creator Schur grew up on Walden Street, his yard neighbored the park. In the renovation process of the park, West Hartford decided to accept a donation for the naming rights to the new Promenade, and Schur stepped up with a $10,000 donation, with the caveat that it would be named after Amy Poehler's character on the show. Schur, a 1993 graduate of West Hartford's William H Hall High School, didn't make it back to Connecticut for the ceremony this past weekend, but his cash and respect did. The plaque that hangs on the wall at the new Promenade reads -


"Let's embark on a new journey, together, and see where it takes us." - Leslie Knope

The rest of the donors to the project are then listed underneath. This should serve as a lesson John Oliver, if you had been a little nicer, maybe you could have had a new dog park, or even a sturdy park bench named after you, instead of the stinky sewage plant that you ended up with.


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