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The website, RoadSnacks.com has come up with a formula on how to tell which cities in Connecticut might have an issue with alcohol, or bluntly put, which cities are the drunkest. RoadSnacks ranked 92 CT cities for drunken debauchery and you'll be happy to hear that Danbury came in at a respectable 43 out of 92.

What's the methodology you might ask? They studied the number of places where alcohol was for sale, which included stores and bars in each community, and coupled that with how many "drunk related tweets" were reported on social media in each town.

Then they figured in the community's divorce rate because the divorce rate is three times higher if one of the spouses is an alcoholic.

Here are your Top Ten Drunkest Cities in the Great State of Connecticut!

  • 1


    Right on the Connecticut shoreline, Branford's divorce rate is the 10th highest in the state and 11th in bars per capita, not to mention there are several breweries in town.

  • 2

    New London

    New London weighed in at #2 with a divorce rate at 12% and ranked 6th in the state for bars per capita. There weren't too many drunk tweets but here's one that "RoadSnacks" did capture, "It's a beautiful day to get drunk in the downtown streets of New London."

  • 3


    Plainville, just a quick ride south of Hartford checks in with a divorce rate of 13.2% and come in 11th in bars per capita.

  • 4


    Cromwell weighs in with a 12% divorce rate and come in 12th for bars per capita.

  • 5


    Milford has a 13% divorce rate and came in 7th in bars per capita. When Milfordites really want to hit it hard, it's only a short ride to New Haven.

  • 6

    New Haven

    Number six on our drunken towns hit parade is New Haven with a 10% divorce rate and 4th in the state for bars per capita.

  • 7


    Traveling up to the northwestern part of Connecticut with a DD of course, brings us to the #7 drunkest city, Torrington. Not that many tweets coming out of this fine city but here's one that "RoadSnack" captured, "There is something about going out in Torrington that makes me get horrendously drunk!"

  • 8


    The city of Norwich proudly claims the #8 slot with their 3rd highest divorce rate in the state. This was the city where a bus driver was arrested for drunk driving earlier this year.

  • 9


    Manchester checks in with the 4th highest divorce rate in the state and came in 16th for bars per capita.

  • 10


    Even though Westport's divorce rate is one of the lowest in the state, they stand tall when it comes to bars and liquor stores. almost topping any other Connecticut city.

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