Lots of hungry red meat lovers can't wait until Danbury's brand spankin' new Texas Roadhouse opens their doors on June 1.

With some help from Hannah Doolin at delish.com., here are the six things you need to know before eating at Danbury's soon-to-be hot spot.

  • 1

    There's an Excellent Chance Roadhouse Servers Will Break Into a Country Line Dance

    When the servers launch into their line dance, there's no need to freak out. They won't pull you out of your seat to join them and they won't ask you to form a conga line. They're just trying to add a little fun to your dining experience. Calm down, and give them a friendly smile. It's all part of the Texas Roadhouse experience.

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    There are Hundreds of Peanut Shells on the Floor

    Collectively, Texas Roadhouse goes through 8,000,000 pounds of peanuts every year because you get to eat as many as you'd like. And best of all, you get to throw the shells on the floor. Why do they offer unlimited peanuts? Beats me, but I do know kids love to chuck those shells on the Roadhouse floor every chance they get, because they will never be allowed to do it at home.

  • 3

    The TR Could Be a Bit Noisy for a Romantic Rendezvous

    The Texas Roadhouse is a very fun and delicious family restaurant, but it's LOUD! Quiet conversation could be iffy. Between the servers line dancing, the baby crying, and your toddler wanting to run up and down the rows of tables while you're trying to butter-up your baked potato, looking into each other's eyes while you're whispering sweet nothings is most likely not going to happen. You'll be fed and satisfied nonetheless.

  • 4

    Do Not Eat Anything for 3 to 4 Hours Before Going to the Roadhouse

    I've been to the TR off I-84 near Waterbury, and from personal experience, the Roadhouse portions are huge. Plus, their warm homemade yeast rolls are waiting for you after you've been seated. Pacing yourself is the key at the TR. Between the peanuts and the homemade warm rolls, if you're unable to control yourself, you may end up stuffed before your entree arrives.

  • 5

    The Roadhouse is a Margarita Lover's Dream Come True

    Fifteen, count them, 15 kinds of Margaritas are offered at the TR. Again, pacing yourself is advised, because once you've had a Sangria Margarita, you're going to want to keep on going. You absolutely must try the new Kenny Chesney Cooler Margarita, which includes Coconut Rum, peach schnapps, and lemonade. Weeeee doggies! that's tasty. If you're the driver, hold it to one. If not, what the hell? Try the Jamaican Cowboy Margarita. You just may jump up and embarrass yourself trying to join in the country line dancing.

  • 6

    Texas Roadhouse Menu Recommendations from Ethan Carey

    I've had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Waterbury three different times, and for what it's worth, here are my recommendations. For starters, if you there are four or more in your party, order the Cactus Blossom which are golden fried onions with cajun horseradish sauce. For dinner, you absolutely can't go wrong with the Ribs where the meat practically falls off the bone it's so tender. In the steak department, the UDA Choice Sirloin is the most popular steak choice on the menu, but my preference is either the Dallas Filet cooked medium rare, or if I feel adventurous, Road Kill which is a 10oz chopped sirloin swimming in onions, mushrooms, and jacked cheese. Is there such a thing as a food orgasm. My wife thinks so!

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