Could you live in a home that's only 400 square feet?

Do you really need a place to live that's 5,000 square feet or more? Of course you don't, especially if it's only you and your partner. My wife, Mindy and I have been married for almost 44 years and believe it or not, we're still buddies. A tiny home will only work if you and your partner still like each other.

If you don't place a premium on square footage and you don't have the cash for a $300,000 to $500,000 mortgage, a tiny home is worth looking into in Connecticut. The following available tiny houses come courtesy of and Danbury Patch.

84 Edgelake Drive, Newtown, CT 06482 - 698 Sq. Ft. - $169,900:                                                                  

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Tumbleweed Cyprus 20' Overlook - 232 Sq. Ft. - Trumbull, CT. - $39,999:

Photo by Lister

63 Ridge Road, Bethlehem, CT - 480 Sq. Ft. - $57,000:

145 Hulls Hill Rd. - Southbury, CT. 06488 - 273 Sq. Ft. - $125,000:

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For those of you looking to dig deeper into the tiny house trend, click on and to capture the true flavor of living in a tiny house, check out this YouTube video from Tiny House Expedition.