I am lucky enough that over the years, I've had the chance to meet many of my rock idols. On more than one occasion, I have even been able to hang out with them a little.

Some went better than others. There is an Eddie Money story that I can not tell, and I will save for a tell-all book. There is my Black Crowes story, my Johnnie Winter story, and then, there was the time where Southside Johnny and I almost fought over buffet food. We had Johnny on the Ethan and Lou show this morning, and I thought I might as well bring it up.

Yeah, he was a good sport about it today, but you should have seen him on that sweltering August day when he was starving after sound check. It was not all giggles that day, let me tell you what.

The lesson here is a simple one. Don't take Southside's shrimp. He does not like that.

Go see Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes at the Ridgefield Playhouse on May 8, starting at 8 PM by ordering here. 

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