She knows the names of the employees at the Lego Store at the Danbury Fair Mall. That's how serious it is!

I finally came to the realization that my wife, Mindy, was in trouble when she took time off from work to wait for the Lego Store at Danbury Fair to open. It was Saturday, August 1, 2015, the day that the Big Bang Theory Lego set was scheduled to arrive. Mindy arrived at 9 am, one hour before the Lego Store opened, hoping there wasn't going to be a throng of fellow Lego and Big Bang Theory fanatics rioting at the entrance.

Lego's 'The Big Bang Theory'

No one was hurt that morning when Mindy was the first customer to purchase her favorite TV show's Lego set. Mindy's Lego addiction began in Nursing School at Genesee Hospital in Rochester, NY. She would bring along some of the smaller Lego pieces to select classes just so she could feel the perfectly shaped thermoplastic polymer, but after graduation as she entered the world of psychiatric nursing, her fixation for all things Lego began to die down.

'Yellow Submarine' Lego Set

It wasn't until she became a Mimi (grandmother) that Legos, again, became an obsession. When she found out that her grandson, Bradley, loved the song, "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles, she immediately plopped down $60 for the Lego set.

Mindy's aware she has issues, but hey, who doesn't, right? She wants you all to know that she's doing well and is now able to control herself by only buying the overpriced Lego sets on special occasions. So, everyone who's been praying for her to get better can now dial it down.

I admit, I did buy into her Lego obsession and her love of Ferris wheels when I presented to her this 2,464 piece motorized Lego Ferris Wheel construction project this past Mother's Day. It is absolutely mind-blowing!

Lego's Motorized Ferris Wheel

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