Around 6:30 this morning, Mother Nature put on an incredible show over Connecticut. The sunrise clashed with the dark clouds of a powerful line of thunderstorms, and the sky blazed into an incredible shade of purple, red, and pink for a moment.

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Did you sleep right through it? I hate missing out on those moments, a beautiful sky has always stopped me in my tracks. Over the years, when the blue or gray sky transforms into a masterpiece, I've tried to take a picture of it. Here are some of the most beautiful sunrise/sunsets/vanilla skies that I've even seen over Connecticut.

The Spectacular Skies That I've Captured Over Connecticut

Since 2008. when Mother Nature puts on a brilliant, beautiful display for me, I try to take a photo of it. There have been so many times where I've walked out of my house angry, looked up, and a beautiful sunset takes it all away. Here are the most beautiful skies that I've captured over Connecticut over the past 15 years.

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