I've always been fascinated with the people that handle venomous animals. I envy those with the confidence and training to pick up a cobra or rattler. It's never too late to learn, right? Connecticut's only Reptile and Amphibian Zoo is offering the first opportunity in all of New England to train and earn your certification in the safe handling of venomous reptiles.

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Enfield's Riverside Reptiles Education Center has announced that they will be offering the 'Level 1 Venomous Handling Certification Course' in October 2023. During the two day event, you'll learn a wide range of information about venomous snakes, including classroom instruction on emergency snakebite management, venom toxicology, ethical and relocation guidelines, and you'll also have hands-on instructions in order to teach safe handling skills like hooking, bagging, and containing venomous snakes.

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In the description of the event, Brian Kleinman, the owner/operator of Riverside, stresses multiple times throughout that this course may be physically and mentally stressful, you must sign a liability waiver prior, and be over 18 years of age in order to attend. Also, Kleinman states that Riverside's 'Level 1 Venomous Handling Certification Course' "does not substitute the training or permitting requirements by the CT DEEP or other state wildlife agencies". Meaning - don't walk out of the course expecting that you're a shoe-in as the Timer Rattlesnake relocator of Barkhamsted for the state of Connecticut DEEP, that takes years of training buddy. I think it's a great opportunity to take the first step towards finding the next generation of brave souls that will save a misunderstood animal's life.

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