Goshen, Connecticut is home to almost 3,000 people according to Wikipedia. It's been around since 1739, and it was named after the Land of Goshen in Egypt. I primarily have traveled there to go to one of the best country fairs in all of Connecticut, the annual Goshen Stampede, which, obviously, hasn't happened in a while, and I also go up to Goshen to hit Nodine's Smokehouse, on North St. (Rt. 63), because I love Nodine's bacon, and their ham, oh man, their smoked hams are incredible. If you'd like to try some of Nodine's products, and you can't get up to Goshen, try a local LaBonne's Markets, they carry a few Nodine's meats and products in their stores. Anyway, as I was saying, Goshen is a pretty small town, so when a new business opens up in town, it's big news, especially if the new business is a pizza joint.

That's exactly what happened on Monday, just in time for Tuesday, which was National Pizza Day 2021. Goshen Pizza opened their doors up for the first time ever. They're located at 59 Torrington Road (Rt. 4), Suite B. The building has stood vacant for awhile, it's located right near Studio G and the Goshenette in the Plaza.

I took a quick spin through the menu that they posted to their official Facebook Page, and it looks good. Goshen Pizza offers the usual suspects when it comes to appetizers: Mootz Sticks, Garlic bread, Fried Calamari and Jalapeno Poppers. They also offer a bunch of different salads, hot and cold grinders and wraps, dinner entrees, and of course, the star attraction - pizza. Goshen Pizza offers a bunch of traditional toppings, and over 20 different specialty pizzas too. Looks good, and I'm sure that Goshen residents are happy that there is another choice in town now, besides AJ's, which is right down Torrington Road from the new place. Good luck Goshen Pizza.


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