When you say something like, "We are right up from the Four Corners in Brookfield," it just rolls off the tongue. I know change is good, but I can't go for this -- no can do.

Whenever an i95 listener calls me and asks for directions to the station, the main thing I tell them is that we're right up the road from what's known as the Four Corners in Brookfield. It's just such a natural thing to say. I grasp the concept that things change, and change can be good. But to me, the Four Corners merging at the traffic light in Brookfield marks the area, always has, always should.

It is exciting that Brookfield is moving forward in creating a downtown area. That change is great.

But with the new, I think it's always fantastic to retain something old, something that is part of the history of an area. As long as I've been around this neck of the woods, the Four Corners is the Four Corners. Seems like a lot of other people feel differently.

In a story from newstimes.com, the tide appears to be changing in regard to what the area will eventually be known as. Officials are pushing for it to be referred to as, Brookfield Town Center.

Brookfield First Selectmen, Steve Dunn, told the Danbury News Times:

Four Corners is really kind of a local name. People in Brookfield know what it is, but if you ask someone in Danbury, ‘Hey, go up to the Four Corners,’ They don’t know what you’re talking about

I grew up in Danbury, and I always new what the Four Corners was. Am I the only one?

Dunn went on to say in the article:

We want a name that people will use. I think local residents will still call it Four Corners, but I think overtime residents will say, ‘Let’s go down to Town Center'

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with the development of the area and what it means to the economy. But in my mind, all across the country there are "town centers." To me, the Four Corners has a certain uniqueness to it, and it would be nice to keep that.

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