Tom Ford's fashion show got a lot of media pop from Russel Wilson's mullet on the red carpet, but he was not the only one. Miley Cyrus rocked a mullet that night maybe as a "tip of the cap" to her old man Billy Ray.

The red carpet is not the only place the mullet is making an appearance. According to the NY Post, the mullet is making a strong comeback every which way you look.

The emerging musician Star Grace was sporting a mullet at a rock show earlier this month in Brooklyn and the "do" was reflected in the crowd. Kesha has also been spotted recently with the retro look, and it seems the hairstyle that was once the butt of 1,000,000 jokes is back in style -- at least for the moment.

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That's all well and good if you chase trends, but in my opinion, that makes for regrettable photos at some point in your life. Have I chased a trend or two in my day? Yes I have, and I've lived to regret it 100% of the time.

I'm no fashion expert. Those who know me, know this. I look like a person who has chosen to dress like a 13-year-old for the rest of his life. This is the result of not wanting to put the time or finances into my clothing.

If I did care enough to get it right, I know exactly how to do it -- at least for men's fashion. What never goes out of style is a normal, short haircut and a black suit with no frills. For a casual day out, it's jeans that fit properly and a white, black or grey shirt with a nice, short haircut. In the short term, people will call you boring, but over the course of a lifetime, they will describe you as having an understated class and a simple grasp of what is timeless. Boom --yes, I wrote that.

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The mullet will be out of style as fast as it came back because it doesn't look right unless the look you are going for is "hand-to-hand" drug dealer. Or, maybe you're trying to achieve the "wanted in connection" look.

There are people who can pull it (the mullet) off ironically, but being the "ironic fashion person" is as exhausting as being a regular fashion person. You need to know what is "in" to know what is "out," and wear those things. Don't let the ironic dresser fool you, they are as interested in fashion, if not more, than anyone you know.

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This fashion insight from Lou Milano has been brought to you by "Snack Attack," We attack you with snacks:

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