I bought two USDA Prime New York Strip steaks from BJ's in Torrington on Saturday. Even at wholesale prices, I spent almost $30 a pound. It hurt, but that's nothing compared to what they're charging at some Connecticut steakhouses

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I understand that restaurants double the price on food in order to cover their cost, but it hurts me to pay triple. I especially hate overpaying for lower-quality beef, give me USDA Prime, not choice. I'll gladly overpay. I started looking for the most expensive steak dinners in all of Connecticut.

Surprisingly, steakhouses in Westport, Greenwich, Litchfield, Danbury, Hartford and New Haven were all comparable for a USDA Prime Tomahawk Ribeye - Anywhere from $70-125. The three most expensive steak dinners I could find are these:

The Most Expensive Steak Dinners in Connecticut

USDA Prime beef is typically the most expensive steak that you'll find on a menu, unless they serve Wagyu. Have you ever paid more than $100 for a steak? How about over $200? Here's the most expensive steak dinners that I could find in Connecticut

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