Zippia set out to find what is the most common tattoo in each state and CT's is odd.

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People in the Constitution State get a Turnpike tattoo more than any other state in this great nation.


What are our neighbors into? New Yorkers get their kids names tattooed on them more than any other state and New Jersey is way into getting a map of their own state inked on them for eternity.

CT? Turnpike? What? I assume on face value this means road signs but I had to Google the definition to see if I was missing an alternate meaning. This is the definition of turnpike:

  1. an expressway, especially one on which a toll is charged.
  2. a spiked barrier fixed in or across a road or passage as a defense against sudden attack

Based off the definition, it's reasonable to assume that my original hypothesis is correct, people are getting road signs from the State of CT tattooed on their body. This kind of makes sense and yet does not at the same time.

What I've learned from my years as a Connecticut resident is that Nutmeggers are obsessed with transportation, especially automotive transportation. Nothing gets the conversation flowing like mentioning I-84 or I-95. People will talk passionately about our Governor's failed plan to bring tolls to the state and everyone here is quick to compare their commute with that of their neighbor.

The problem is, you can't get most CT residents to say a positive word about our roads, so why tattoo a turnpike on your body? I guess it's the best way these folks could think of to show regional pride? I know people used to get phone number area code tattoos. That could be problematic these day as regions keep adding area codes.

I grew up in Putnam County, NY which used to be a (914) area but is now mostly (845). Now I live in Danbury, CT which has always been (203) but recently started adding (475) to the repertoire.

Whether it's a phone number prefix or a road, it seems that these regional pride tattoos are a difficult game. I feel like you would spend a lot of time explaining to people what your tattoo means.

You also have the issue of understanding which roads are considered turnpikes. I did a few Google searches and half of the roads that were listed, run through other states. Take I-95 for instance, if you get that tattooed on you to represent CT, you could be confusing people since the passes through many other states.

I went a long way just to tell you I think this is stupid. If you really want to represent CT, get your tax receipt tattooed on your face, there will be no confusing where you are from.

States with some of the weirdest tattoos:

  • Vermont - Fortune teller tattoos
  • Wyoming- COVID-19 tattoos
  • Arizona - Shia LeBouf tattoos (Shia is not from AZ)

Fun fact - One-third of companies are now OK with their employees having visible tattoos.

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