I was in Watertown, Connecticut yesterday for my annual physical, and after I coughed and lost some blood, I needed Tom Yum Soup from Thai Bowl on Main Street bad. As I was waiting, I noticed that 545 Main Street is finally occupied again, and it made me think of all the old businesses that that place has been over the years.

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It's been a few restaurants, a few bars, even 'The Lounge', but now 545 Main Street has a Farmer's Insurance sign out front. As I continue to wait to see if the Watertown Stage is ever really going to 'Come soon", take a waddle down memory lane with me.

The Many Faces of 545 Main Street in Watertown, Connecticut

The first restaurant that I remember being in that beautiful old bank building was Heminway's, then it passed through quite a few hands. Remember some of these great, and not so great identities of 545 Main Street in Watertown over the past 30 years?

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Five Things That I Thought Would Never Disappear From Waterbury

Some things never change in Waterbury. Frankie's will always be on Watertown Avenue, The Horse will always be there waiting for a new bar or restaurant to move in, and Domenick and Pia? We hope those weekly rumors stay rumors. I'm genuinely surprised that these 5 things are gone though.

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