Our friends in the great Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine are returning to the Warehouse at Fairfield Theatre Company on December 28. They've offered us a couple of very cool treats to give to i95 listeners.

Grab the i95 Rock app, and right on the app homepage you'll see a little icon that says "Pink Floyd Contest."

Pink Floyd Contest

From there, just fill out the form and tell us your favorite Pink Floyd song. We'll have three winners of a pair of tickets, and each of those winners will get their Floyd request played during the show.

This should be an extra special show as it is The Machine's 30th Anniversary. They have been celebrating by playing three Pink Floyd albums in their entirety: Wish You Weer Here, Animals, and Dark Side of the Moon, plus an extended encore of other Floyd classics. I even get to join them onstage and play a little acoustic guitar during "Comfortably Numb." How cool is that?

You can find the i95 Rock app for free in your App Store or on Google Play just by clicking this link. We'll see you at the show!

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