I was watching the news the other night, and the reporter was reporting live from right in front of Elmer's Place in 'Hard-Hittin' New Britain. Gosh, I hadn't seen that familiar building in years, since some of my friends actually went to Central. I spent quite a few nights in college bars over the years, as I'm sure most of you have too. It started me thinking that some of you might enjoy a current photo of legendary college bars here in the great state of Connecticut. For some it may be where you met, or broke up with, your significant other. Others just might want to see where they vomited up $75 worth of Gentleman Jack. Here's hoping that these places will all recover from the pandemic, and the doors, and puke, will be flying again very soon.

10 Legendary Connecticut College Bars

I hope you enjoyed this stumble down memory lane, which ones did I miss? What do you say Eastern? Quinnipiac? Wesleyan?

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