There is an Urban Dictionary term that can get us started off called; "Connecticaucasian." According to the least official of all dictionaries this is:

White or Caucasian person from Connecticut, usually rich and/or snooty/snobbish
White Guy: Hey you wanna go to this party up in CT?
Black Guy: You s------- me?! There ain't nothin' but a buncha Connecticaucasians there!
The Urban Dictionary also has a term known as "The Connecticut Ass Tax." I can't post the full definition due to certain language used in it. I will tell you, it's true and that it has to do with moving to CT and learning how the taxes here will impact your ass.
Another fun one came from a Facebook group simply titled "Connecticut Sucks." They have developed an acronym for the state that goes like this; "Condescending Opulent Nincompoops Navigate Expensive Cars, Their Indulgent Children Undermine Thriftiness?" Another one of their posts simply reads "diabeetus" which when pronounced using the intended misspelling sounds like Wilford Brimley is saying it.
Back in 2014, Wall Street Insanity put out a largely true list of the 17 ways to tell someone is from Connecticut. Two of my favorite "ways to tell" are that we are territorial and we all went to UCONN. As for the territorial comment they had this to say:
Since Connecticut is such a small state, it seems like every single town has a mild rivalry bubbling just under the surface. People from one town are considered weirdos by the rest of the state, while people from another are called snobs; one town has a random nickname about its population being inbred, while another is known as the home of stoners. It’s all pretty arbitrary, but Nutmeggers treasure their long and storied history — don’t mess with it.

You know what I always say, if you are not using the word inbred for a social media list, you are not doing your job. This less than delicate shot is funny because it's true. It's also worth noting that #7 on the list was "They claim that Fairfield County isn't really part of Connecticut."

Further research tells me that the internet thinks we are all trust fund kids who dress like Andy from The Office, we have a million Dunkin' Donuts, we all went to Quassy as kids, we know someone who works at ESPN, they know we call liquor stores "package stores." They know our taxes suck, our roads suck and they believe we think we are better drivers than everyone else. Pretty much, the internet is spot on about Nutmegger's with one exception, we are not all rich.

I'll leave you with this gem I found one Reddit. They posted a map graphic of the U.S. where you can learn each state's favorite state outside of their own. Spoiler Alert, no one likes us but we love Vegas.

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WARNING: Joe uses bad words and has strong opinions about Connecticut, if either of those things are not for you please move on, also lose my number. 

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