Traveling I-84 East between Exits 3 through 8, especially during the afternoon rush can be one nasty traffic jam.

According to Danbury's Hamlet Hub, the Connecticut DOT knows what daily commuters on that section of I-84 are going through during the afternoon rush hour. It can be snail pace traffic between I-84 East from Exit 2, all the way to Exit 8, and don't even talk to me about making that drive on a Friday rush hour. It can be brutally frustrating.

This is where the I-84 Danbury Project steps in to help commuters out. The CT Dot has set up a website called for Danbury residents which is a CTDOT initiative to improve safety, increase capacity, and improve access and operations specifically between Exits 3 and 8 in Danbury.

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Put simply, the goal is to improve traffic flow on I-84 in Danbury which will have positive effects on commerce and freight mobility not only for the Danbury area but the entire state.

This is all a part of Governor Malloy's $100 billion, 30-year traffic investment plan to enhance economic progress. In the meantime, if you must take I-84 between Exits 3 and 8 during the Danbury rush hour, you might want to take some advice from these two knuckleheads.

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