Have you ever tried to cook fried calamari? I have, hundreds of times, and it's not easy. Seafood is very tricky to cook, and squid is probably the worst to overcook. Even 10 seconds too long will start to make the texture rubbery. Gross.

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I've eaten fried calamari at hundreds of places around the Northeast, and in my humble opinion, the best I've ever had was served by Matunuk Oyster Bar in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Wakefield is located right near Point Judith, the motherland for fried calamari lovers, and their Point Judith fried calamari blew my mind.

Rhode Island may be home to the best that I've ever had, but there are 8 places around Connecticut that have never disappointed me with rubbery rings or tentacles that haven't been properly battered. If you're in love with fried calamari as much as me, here's my 8 go-to restaurants that do it right every time.

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I love fried calamari, it's a simple dish, but it's very easy to overcook. I've never been disappinted by the fried calamari at these Connecticut restaurants.

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