Connecticut's highways are not for the meek, if you go too slow or too fast, you'll probably receive aggression. I've found that the amount of crazy drivers peaks in certain areas. If you're an anxious driver, I'd let someone else take the wheel if you're headed for one of these 5 exits.

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The older I get, the more I seem to avoid driving on the highway, after 30 years of driving 84,91,95, or the Merritt, I'm a backroad commuter, and I love it. Rt. 202 between Torrington and Brookfield is peaceful, no anxiety, except for the deer-strike paranoia, but I'll get over that. Where do I get really anxious if I have to drive through now? Here are my Top 5 picks.

The Five Worst Exits For the Anxious Drivers of Connecticut

Driving through Connecticut takes confidence, and you can spot an anxious driver instantly here. As I get older, I find that there are certain exits on highways that make people anxious as they approach, afraid of being sideswiped, or missing their exit. These are the five worst exits around Connecticut for anxious drivers.

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Picture-Perfect Getaways: Connecticut's Top 5 Most Beautiful Hotels

The average price for an average hotel room is $120 a night, but if you pay a little more, say quadruple, you won't hear the hum of traffic on I-84 all night at one of these. Here are the top 5 most beautiful hotels, resorts, and spas in Connecticut

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A Closer Look at the Cutest Mural Along Rt. 44 in Connecticut

If you travel along Rt. 44 in East Canaan, Connecticut, a local business is covered by a beautiful work of art that makes me smile every time I pass by. Have a look at the exterior of the Pooch Palace Resort dog lovers, I'm sure you'll smile too.

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