Have you ever walked out of a grocery store and said "Damn, that was good"?, or "I have everything I need to make the perfect___"? It's totally satisfying, right? These are the five grocery stores around here that I feel totally satisfied post-shopping trip.

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Not all grocery stores are the same. Lots of different products make their way into Connecticut from all over the world, and some markets cater to those that want something different. Some grocery stores have unique layouts, or offer attractions and services that the rest don't. My usual day to day grocery store has been Big Y for years, but I've discovered Market 32 again. That being said, I've left both disappointed after recent trips. Not at these 5 places though.

The Five Most Satisfying Grocery Stores in All of Connecticut

Do you feel disappointed after grocery shopping? Maybe the store didn't have a key ingredient? or the quality wasn't up to your standard? I've always been satisfied after shopping at these 5 particular grocery stores in our area

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On my 40 minute commute to work, I pass 7 Dunkin's. I guessed that New Milford had the most Dunkin' locations in all of Connecticut, but I was wrong. Dunkin' has 478 locations across Connecticut, here are the Top 5 cities in Connecticut with the most Dunkin' locations.

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