The Danbury San Gennaro festival has been in the works for years.

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There were some major obstacles in the way like COVID-19. In fact, the pandemic nearly stopped the event from happening at all, but it is finally here. The first-ever Danbury San Gennaro Festival began last night. Here is some of what I saw in just the first hour of this 5-day celebration.

The First Night of the Danbury San Gennaro Festival Was a Huge Hit

The Italian culture can be explained in one word, Sunday. Being an Italian-American means, there are certainties on Sunday, Food, family and laughter. Trust me when I tell you, everyday is Sunday at San Gennaro. 

I am a proud Italian-American. As I’ve gotten older, the opportunities to celebrate my culture with my family have dwindled for a variety of reasons. I’m telling you this because since I learned that this event was going to take place, I’ve been filled with excitement to share in it. I mean, my family is from the place where this Festival originated, Naples.

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I was texting with my wife as I walked down Main Street in Danbury on Wednesday evening. I was on my way to join the celebration, one that I could hear from blocks away and I told her, “I’m starting to feel something, something familiar.” When I got there, the music was beautiful, the colors were bright and everyone was smiling,

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If you’re Italian, you’re going to love this event, if you’re not Italian, you’re going to love this event. There are mouth-watering aromas and the comforting sounds of laughter in the air. Am I getting a bit emotional? Too dramatic? I most certainly am, but I don’t think I’ll be alone in that when all is said and done. The 2022 San Gennaro Festival is going to be a special event, in a city built on big events.

P.S. Don’t let the red hair fool you, check the tape.

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