It's something we all have to do everyday. It's usually not a pleasant task, but I've found that the surroundings can make it somewhat. I'm talking about going to the bathroom. Bathroom choice is a big deal to me. I'm very particular as to where I choose to make a deposit. I just can't drop trou at the nearest gas station, I look for the exceptional.

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I've been to the SoNo Collection shopping center in Norwalk a few times since it opened. Being that it's a brand-new facility, the new public restrooms throughout are spacious, ultra-modern, and immaculate. The tile underneath the urinals is so new, it hasn't had a chance to be besmirched.

Photo of the Sono Collection by Large Dave

There are many different facets as to what makes a public bathroom great. Cleanliness is obviously a huge factor, but there are other things that can go a long way to making the bathroom experience superior. A great bathroom wild card pick of mine is Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield

Photo of Bohemian Pizza by Large "Extra Cheese" Dave

What makes using the restroom at Bohemian Pizza so enjoyable for me is reading the funny, filthy graffiti on the LP covers that line the walls. I found myself hanging around for a few minutes after I had finished taking care of my business to have a few laughs. Here's an edited one that I found pretty amusing.

Photo by Large "Julio rules" Dave

My third choice is any Tiffany & Co location. There are three around CT: Westfarms Mall, Westport, and Greenwich. I recently went into the Westfarms location to get my wedding ring shined up, and nature called. WOW. Tastefully decorated, with the plushest of toilet papers, luxurious soaps, lotions and sprays to cover up your dirty shame.

I want public opinion, so I went to my personal Facebook page and asked for other choices besides my own. I was pleasantly surprised when two of my friends (Dean and Krista) vouched for local legend Nardelli'sDean is a Hartford radio legend, and he frequents the Farmington Nardelli's on the Colt Highway, whereas Krista goes to the Danbury Location on Newtown Road. They both vouched for the cleanliness of both locations, and I have to say, weirdly enough, I always see an employee checking the bathrooms when I'm in a Nardelli's. Respect it. Dean went a step further and also threw his vote to the Rebel Dog Coffee location right next door to the Nardelli's in Farmington.


Stephanie's choice was the bathrooms at Foxwoods Resort CasinoThere are so many different restrooms in that facility, some have that magical 'Old School' element of being attended. My friend Maureen chose the Hard Rock Cafe, in New York City, technically not Connecticut, but Foxwoods has a Hard Rock. Is it on the same level as how Maureen described the NYC Hard Rock? With attendants ready to assist?

I've read about places that use one-way glass in their stalls. That's really freaky, sitting there, exposed, wondering if the kid in the fourth booth can really see the little guy, or is he just reacting to a cute puppy?

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And then there was the beautifully decorated, like the Rainforest Cafe bathrooms used to be.

Which ones am I missing? Where is your favorite loo?