The Ethan and Lou 2nd Chance Prom comes to the Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury, CT Friday June 22nd. $35 gets you entry and includes appetizers, a buffet dinner, your first two drinks free and live music from Juice Box. Get your tickets NOW!

I can tell you that this prom is WAY better than a wedding. I have a love/hate relationship with weddings. We get the invitation, I get mad because there is now an obligation on the calendar and it will cost money we don't have. That's the Hate part. Then I get there and figure, the money has been spent, we got the babysitter, we might as well party and make the best of it. This is the love part.

So why is the prom better than a wedding? It has all of the great things about a wedding without all the things that suck about a wedding. Here they are:

  • No obligation to attend - If you miss the prom no one in your family is going to hate you for the next 30 years. It's up to you.
  • Cost - It's 35 bucks. If my math is correct that is 70 bucks a couple. You get all the things you would get at a wedding but it won't cost you a thousand dollars.
  • No wedding traditions - At a wedding you have to sit quietly for 10 bad speeches, you have to watch the dances, the cutting of the cake, etc. All of these little, boring events slow down the dance floor and the actual party. We have none of that. The dance floor will be an uninterrupted sweat session all night.
  • Day of the week - SO many weddings these days are held on inconvenient days of the week so the couple can save money. No one wants to party THAT hard on a Sunday because we all have to work Monday. Our party is a Friday Night...get wild!

It's just gonna be a blast, it's your choice to attend, the music will be great, the food there is top notch. Don't miss your chance to have a good time on a Friday night with the Ethan and Lou show at the Ethan and Lou third annual second chance prom.

Bonus Video: Who Will Host the Prom With Lou? 

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