Look who checked in with the Ethan and Lou show this morning.

Peter Frampton called in to talk about his tour and his new material. The new song is called "I Saved a Bird Today." He told us that he actually DID save a bird and here is that story:

So not only is he an international rock star, a playboy, and a party animal, but the man cares for all living things. Good on him for tossing aside his afternoon, putting an injured bird in a box and heading down to the river. Life saved, mission accomplished. Peter is coming to the Paramount Hudson Valley Theater on April 6 and he'll also tour with the Steve Miller Band, including a stop at this year's Mountain Jam Festival at Hunter Mountain.

This is his new song:

Remember when Peter appeared in the movie "Almost Famous?" Don't blink or you might miss it.

Or the time he and David Bowie were searching for beers in Madrid?

Just awesome.

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