It was all a matter of time for the Eagles 'One Of These Nights' album; in more ways than one.

The Eagles finally had a #1 album 42 years ago this week when their fourth studio effort 'One Of These Nights' hit the top of the charts. The time put in paid off as it would land the band on the cover of Time magazine labeled "The Top U.S. Rock Band". And while it took the Eagles a long time to soar to the top of rock 'n' roll mountain it seemed to take them just as long to record this chart-topping album.

The Eagles entered the studio in late 1974 to begin work on the album. Production stretched all the way into the winter of 1975. Eventually the statement that “One of these nights we might actually finish this thing” become a running joke with the band members. It made for a good joke and an even better working title for an album. But even better than that was the collection of classic songs that would make up the album.

It started with the first single, the title track, released in May of '75. Glenn Frey began listening to a lot of rhythm and blues around that time, particularly the music of the Spinners and The Bobbie “Blue” Bland. The influences would spill all over this classic track which would go on to become the band's second #1 single (1974's "Best Of My Love" being the previous #1).

The Eagles rode out the success of the title track the entire summer of '75 before releasing the follow-up single "Lyin' Eyes" in September. Singer/Songwriter J.D. Souther was in Los Angeles and joined Frey, Don Henley and friends at a restaurant/bar called Dan Tana’s. Someone looked up and saw an older man with a gorgeous young blonde across the room. Frey laughed, turned to his friends, and said, “Look at those lyin’ eyes!” Everyone knew it as soon as he said it. Pens and napkins flew. The moment became the basis for the Henley-Frey tune that went all the way to #2.

With two massively successive singles providing some serious wind beneath the Eagles' wings they decided to take one more shot at the top of the singles charts with "Take It To The Limit", released in November of '75. The song became another smash single cracking the top five at #4 on the singles chart.

Along with the massive singles the Eagles rounded out the album with deep tracks like "Too Many Hands", "Hollywood Waltz", "Journey Of The Sorcerer" and "After The Thrill Is Gone" which have all stood the ultimate musical test - time.

So which one of these songs from 'One Of These Nights' would you say is your favorite? Cast your vote below!

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