God I loved playing pool. I was never 'run-the-table' good, but I was decent. So, I bought a table back in the early 90's. I think I remember getting it from Sam's in Naugatuck (By the Old Corner) for around $800?

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I played on that pool table for almost 2 decades, and by the time I was ready to sell it, Sam's was gone. So was the Corner Pocket on Lakewood Road in Waterbury. I put it on Craig's List, and it was gone in 2 days. Once in awhile, I get the itch to play. There aren't as many heavenly old school pool/billiard halls around Connecticut like there were back in the glorious 70-80-90's, but the ones that are around now are beautiful.

What's even better is that they're smoke free. Do you remember Crazy 8 in Waterbury or Boston Billiards throughout CT? Your hands stunk like no-filter Camels for 2 days after using those cues.

I've had my right rotator cuff repaired in the time it's been since I last played, around 2 years ago, just before the pandemic, and I started searching for my kind of place, heavenly pool halls that offer adult beverages, some food options, plenty of tables, and no axe-throwing. Here's some of the finest pool halls in Connecticut:

The Divine Old School Pool Halls In Connecticut

Axe throwing? CornHole? Nah. The only recreational games I like to play in a bar are the classics - Billiards and Darts. You might find an electronic dart machine in most bars here in Connecticut, but to have the space for 15 pool tables? It's a little tougher. Here are some of the best old school pool halls around Connecticut

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